5 Ways To Maximize Your Gains

It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, but, after you lift, taking in enough fluid can greatly mean the difference between muscle gains and opportunity lost.

You leave every sweat session feeling like your body has no other choice but to grow, yet weeks pass and your scale and your strength numbers seem to suggest otherwise. You may start to feel dejected by the usual thought of not getting the results you were expecting, but take heart: Help is here for you! You need a firm game plan to maximize your workouts and also time in the gym.

If you’ve spent time learning about how to maximize your workout, you’ve probably heard mostly about the anabolic window. This is the idea that you must bascially consume the right amounts of carbs and proteins within the 45 minutes of finishing a workout. According to the theory, if you miss this major window you can kiss your gains goodbye.

Using these six vital tips, you, too, can maximize your gains!


Some people often place too much emphasis on food while they bascially neglect other needs, like proper hydration.

For athletes, staying hydrated is very critical for performing at intensity necessary to build lean muscle.


Drink and sip water throughout the day, during the fat-loss and muscle-building phases. It’s possible to confuse hunger with insufficient hydration, so it’s critical to stay well-hydrated when cutting fat.

Drinking plenty of water is even much more crucial during and after a workout, since even slight dehydration can majorly limit your performance. Aim to drink at least minimum 64 ounces of water per day, which is about two liters.


Muscles are made in the kitchen, and not in the gym. Pay close attention to the balance of your diet. If you are feasting only on protein and not much else, it’s time to change your ways. The notion that protein is the only important macronutrient for building those muscle and strength is extremely outdated.

Do keep in mind that you want to emphasize mainly on quality carbohydrates and fats in your diet. Contrary to what some dirty-bulkers lead you to believe, Twinkies and Ho-Hos are not ideal for supporting your growing body. Complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes are major solid choices, as are natural fat sources like fatty fish and also almonds.


Muscles usually require plenty of stimuli to grow, and they require repeated stimuli to continue growing. For that train at least four times per week while focusing primarily on large muscle groups. Any less than that and you may sacrifice some gains.

To recover adequately between sessions, it is recommended spacing out your body-part training. The basic idea is to split your workouts effectively so that you have at least minimum 36 hours between training the same muscle group again.

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You have to eat to grow. In the case of continued growth, the totality of calories is far much more important than meticulous macronutrient breakdowns. It’s uncomfortable to eat when you don’t feel like it, but you usually don’t have to eat a mountain of food in one sitting.


The best way to get in extra calories? Eat frequently. If you’re a three-meals-a-day kind of that person, five meals may seem like a nuisance, but those results are really worth it. This will help you stay anabolic, ensuring optimal results.

By fueling your body more regularly, you can mostly train your stomach to adapt to the higher calorie intake necessary to build mass.


Just as the foods you eat leading up to your workout heavily contribute to your current available fuel sources. The supplements you take can provide major immense benefits, as well. Here are some of best supplements you need for explosive growth.


A few pre-workout ingredients to consider include. BCCA’s which are very critical for muscular energy and repair; beta -alanine, which can help improve your muscular endurance; creatine, which supports both size and strength; and a nitric-oxide-boosting ingredient like citrulline malate.


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