The Ultimate Shoulder Workout

High-volume shoulder training doesn’t have to be built around just as the same old presses and raises. No matter how big your arms, chest, or back are…an upper body just isn’t complete without well-developed shoulders.

This resembles a single-arm overhead press, but with enough of the variation to introduce a new stimulus. The crucial part is using correct angle in order to crush your deltoids, so play close attention to our form.

Shoulder press

Don’t ever let your elbow to drop down by your torso, but rather let it come back instead, which prevent this from becoming a major triceps exercise. The anterior and the medial deltoids are main target with the landmine shoulder press.

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You’re probably familiar with that classic 21 protocol for the biceps curls. This bascially uses a similar rep scheme to destruct the deltoids. Start with a wide grip to hit down the rear delts for 7 reps, then a shoulder-width gripfor 7 reps, which will mainly focus on the medial head.

Shoulder 21 s

To finish, switch to a narrow grip, which will hammer up both the front delts and medial head. With each adjustment of the grip, the range of motion increases.


This exercise is one I’d actually never done that before. This show that even after 18 years in the gym, there’s always more for you to discover. Normally when you press overhead, you have to use a lot of stabilizer muscles. But because you’re bascially pushing agains the rack with this move, it feels like you can isolate the deltoid muscles much more effectively. As with most of the pressing exercises, I don’t recommend locking out, because it gives the deltoids an unneeded rest.

Stand just behind the bar, and take a usual wider than shoulder-width stance, with your feet nice and stable. This will keep up the core involvement under control and help you work around any other existing shoulder issues. Done right, this almost feels like a machine press.

As fatigue builds, your reps may go down a little bit. For the last few, feel free to use a little of the leg push to get the bar up. The only rule is to control the negative portion of the repp, so that your deltoids are still working.


The bench press is one of our favorite exercises. Doing too many, however, can cause some strength imbalance, favoring your front over your regular back. Over time, you just start to look more like a caveman rather than a strongman.

Shoulder cable pull

But there are more ways to work your back than just usual rows. The face pull defines the muscles in your upper back, helping improve your posture and also your strength, says Gene Rychlak, a record-setting powerlifter.

For this attach a rope to the high pulley of a cable station and grab an end with each hand. Back a few steps away until your arms are fully extended in front of you. Pull the middle of the rope toward your face. Then pause a little, and reverse the movement back to the starting position.

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