Top 10 Abs Splitting Exercises

Developing abs is difficult. However its not that complicated. There’s a huge difference. You need to reduce the amount of body fat that is covering your abs. This you do with a cardio and healthy diet.

When you train your chest, your legs, your back, shoulders and everything else, for the matter, you always use the weights to properly develop the muscle targeted. But when it comes to the abs, many people ditch the weights and go crazy by doing countless crunches the like.

Start doing the load abdominal work. You’ll feel dramatic change in the stimulus.

Diet: The Missing Link

You’ll need to put some real thoughts and work into your food intake during the next of three weeks and after that eating clean will become habit.

Basic Rule’s For Ab Friendly Diet

  • Eat smaller healthy meals for 6 to 8 times per day.
  • Focus on high protein intake.
  • Eat LOTS of vegetables.
  • Never ever skip breakfast and pre-post workout meals
  • Stay away from everything containing sugar.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day.
  • Incorporate high intensity interval training into your cardio regime.

Top 10 Abs Exercises

1.Russian Twists

Loaded  Russian twists are performed 10 reps per side. Hold a weight with both hands for resistance, now twist your torso to right side until your arms are parallel with the floor.

Russian Twist

Now move back to starting position and than move to the opposite of the side.

2.Kettlebell Windmills

The kettlebell windmills is a great compound exercise with the much needed rotation, just like Russian twists. Clean and press the kettlebell overhead while you are rotating your wrist.

For this, bend your hip to one side and then slowly lean until you can touch the floor with you free hand. The kettlebell should be held over your head at all the times.

Reverse the motion and then repeat.

3.Hanging Leg Raises

The Hanging leg raises is one another great abs exercise. For this hang from a chin up bar, then raise your legs and torso from a 90° angle.

Hanging Leg Raises Abs

I do this exercise with little twist, by rotating my legs side to side. Thus more work, grater reward.

4.Barbell Abs Rollout

This exercise works your core. Place a barbell with load of 5 to 10 pounds plates on the floor in front of you so that you are in your hands and knees.

Grip the barbell with both the hands shoulder width apart. Now slowly roll the bar forward, stretching your body in the straight position.

Barbell Abs Rollout

After a pause at stretched position, pull yourself back to initial position as you breathe out.

Checkout This Video For Complete Abs Training Exercises

5.Gorilla Crunch/Chin

It is a kind of similar to hanging leg raises but a little bit different. In this, hang from a chin up bar with underhand grip.

Gorilla crunches

Now, bend your knees to 90° angle and pull yourself up while crunching. Finish your crunch when your nose reaches the same level as bar.

6.Cable Crunches

It is another classic ab move. Kneel below high pulley that contains rope attachment. Grasp the cable rope attachment and lower the rope until your hand are placed next to the face.

Cable Crunches

Flex your hips slightly and allow the loads to hyperextend the lower back. With hips stationary, flex the waist as you contract your abs so the elbows travel towards the middle of thighs.

Slowly return back to initial position as you inhale.

7.The Planks

The Plank exercise helps you develop your overall core strength and stability. Also incorporate side planks into your ab routine which as same as normal planks.

For this bring the dumbbell to your hip and push yourself back along with dumbbell to starting position.

8.Side Jackknifes

Side Jackknifes will leave your midsection (obliques) diced and sliced in a good way.

Lying on your right side and keeping your left leg over the right one, place your right hand in comfortable spot and clasp the left hand behind your head.

Bring your torso and left leg towards each other as you pull up with your obliques. Squeeze for a moment and return to initial position.

9.Exercise Ball Pull In

Tis is also a great exercise that requires a great balance. Place your lower shins on top of the exercise ball and stand in push up position with the hands shoulder width apart.

Straighten your legs by rolling the ball to back to get to initial position.

10.Press Sit Up

For this, lie down on a bench  with the barbell resting on your chest. Position your legs so that they are secure on the extension of abdominal bench. This is the initial position.

While inhaling, tighten your abdominals and glutes and curl your torso  when performing a sit up and press the barbell to the overhead position as you exhale.

Lower your upper body back down to initial position while bringing barbell back down to your torso.

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