Tips To Build Massive Monster Forearms

If you’ve given up on having bigger forearms, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn the best insider secrets to having your forearms that match the rest of your physique.

If you want to get strong and also add a ton of mass, you need to build powerful arms. You’ll squeeze your weights harder, also engage more muscles, and generate more force. Over time, you’ll increase your numbers on the exercises like the bench press, deadlift. And also barbell row, and you’ll boost up your overall strength and muscle mass, too.

If you’re like most of the avid weight trainers, you’ve never given much thought to your forearms because you’ve been too busy mainly focusing on big guns, cobra lats, thick pecs, or thunder thighs. That’s cool. Just don’t forget mainly about your forearm. Thin, spindly forearms look wimpy and weak, whereas powerful, rugged forearms are much impressive—and they’re almost always on the display.

Big forearms are even much more impressive if you’ve built some decent biceps and triceps. What you really don’t want is for those big guns to clash with those pea-shoot forearms.

Genetics always play a major role in the development of any muscle group, but that doesn’t really mean you can’t improve and make gains. Chances are that you’ve just been going about it the wrong way. Here’s the right way.

Tip 1: Leave The Straps In Your Locker    

Use straps in order to eliminate the weak links posed by your grip strength. But when it’s time to beef up your forearms, forget those straps. Here’s why.

Wrist straps

Any time you do a pulling movement you always need to hold the bar with your thumb and fingers wrapped around it. Otherwise the dumbbell, bar or cable attachment will fall out of your grasp. The more and more iron you pull, the more you use your grip, which is mainly powered by those flexor muscles in your forearm. By going as heavy as you can without those strap you’re working your forearms.

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Tip 2: Work Forearms Every Other Day

Forearms are bascially made up of very dense muscle tissue, very much like calves, and training them atleast once a week won’t do much for growth. Think about how that often you use your forearms every day, in so many everyday tasks. They’re used for doing great lots of work.

Monster forearm

That’s why you’ll get best results by training your forearms more frequently. As much as three times a week or every other day. Just try to arrange your workout schedule so that you bascially don’t train forearms the day before either back or biceps, since sore forearms will greatly detract from either workout. You’re usually better off working them at the end of those workouts.

Tip 3: Hold On Tightly

If you aren’t usually comfortable ditching your wrist straps on your back day. But still want to workout your forearms, there is a way. Just set up a heavy barbell in a power rack and just hold it at arm’s length for the sets lasting 30-60 seconds. Do the same thing with those heavy dumbbells in the dumbbell rack. Aim for usual 8-10 reps to get your forearms pumped and tight.

Tip 4: Cables For Colossal Forearms

You can usually use barbells or dumbbells for wrist curls and also reverse wrist curls, but the constant tension cables can greatly deliver a much better burn and pump. There are large number of ways you can go about this.

Massive forearms

You can bascially set up a short bar attachment on the low pulley and then kneel in front of it, by using your knees like a preacher bench as you regularly do your curls. You can also bring up an actual preacher bench over to the cable station. And use that to brace your forearms for pure isolation.

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Tip 6: Very High Reps For Growth

You might see many decent gains working your chest, arms, or shoulder muscles in the usual 8-12 rep range. But that’s not usually going to do much of anything for your forarms. Instead, just try doing sets with a minimum of 15 reps, but also going as high as 25-50 reps per set.

Some of you bascially rolled your eyes just then, assuming that such high reps can’t possibly help in order to build any muscle group. But stop and just think about some of the people who have the biggest fore arms. Do you ever check out a plumber’s or just an auto mechanic’s forearm? Talk about Popeye! That’s from turning those wrenches and pliers with maximum effort hundreds of times a day just as they loosen or tighten various parts.

No one expects you to usually spend hours a day working your forearm, but the lesson to be learned here is that higher reps bring the best results.

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