Superset’s For Building Bigger Chest

Putting on quality mass is not an overnight miracle, it take’s time and dedication to the weight’s and some best superset.

Superset’s are not a new concept but they can half the time you spent in gym by allowing you to put much stress on your muscle groups in less time.The results of a superset can be seen just after completing the superset.

In true superset fashion,finish the first exercise of the superset and then immediately move on to next exercise without any pause to complete the one superset. Get yourself pumped for the pump of your life.

Here are some of the best chest superset’s to incorporate in your workout for your chest to be pumped.

#Superset 1:

Incline Barbell  Bench Press

incline-barbell-bench-press superset

Lie flat on a inclined bench elevated at 45 degrees. Now unrack the barbell as regular barbell bench press with shoulder grip and slowly lower the load to your chest, wait for a moment and immediately explode up to previous position.Try to keep the process as controlled as possible.

Chest Dips

Using parallel dips bar, hold yourself in air keep your feets crossed over behind you. As you lower down, lean as far as possible so that your elbows are completely flared out as you dip down. Ensure to not completely lock your elbows as you move up to prevent injuries.

#Superset 2:

Barbell Bench Press


The alpha king of chest exercise. Barbell bench press is the best exercise for building up your chest. For this, lie on a flat bench then unrack the barbell rod with arm’s shoulder width apart. Now lower the barbell to your chest, pause and push back to initial position. Repeat this movement.

Push Ups


Barbell bench press should be immediately followed by push ups. Lie on the floor with your face towards floor, keep yours feet together. Now take the grip of arms shoulder  width and lower yourself to the floor keeping your back straight and then push up.

#Superset 3:

Seated Machine Chest Press


Sit down at the machine with your feets on the ground. Place your hands on the grips and adjust according to your preference. As you press weight, contract your chest and lean forward. Slowly lower the weight back to initial position and repeat.

Incline Dumbbell Pullovers


Incline dumbbell pullovers are the best exercise for developing your chest. For this set up the bench at 45 degrees. Sit back against the bench with dumbbell held above the torso. Make sure not to bend your elbows,only shoulders should move. Slowly lower the weights back over the head then weight keeping the stretch and then press the weight back to initial position and repeat.

Add these superset’s in your chest workout and you’ll feel the gains and chest pumped up after the superset’s. From the exercises to awesome pump nothing is comparable.
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