Skull Crusher for Titanic Tricep’s

Want to add some serious size to your arm’s? Triceps Skull crusher are the secret to that! Tricep’s are what that fills up shirtsleeves. Triceps are the ultimate ticket for looking huge.

Among the best triceps exercises, the top of them are:

  1. Dips

  2. Close grip bench press

  3. Skull crusher’s

Skull crusher are the only exercise that comes with a warning with their name. This is the best exercise for building massive triceps. Skull crusher is a long time trusted exercise for huge triceps.

There are plenty of more exercises that can get the job done, but the most all bodybuilder’s prefer to do regularly is their all time favourite skull crusher’s.

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This is one among the  exercises that tend to hurt for lot of peoples. Before starting this make sure to standby a person before you for support and disbalance.


  • You can perfom this exercise with straight bar, EZ bar or dumbell but i prefer the EZ curl bar as its easier on my wrist rather than straight bar as weights get heavier.
  • Take narrow grip on the bar using first angles on bar.
  • Lie back on either a flat bench or on a decline bench keeping your elbows straight and a little backward towards head for maximum pressure on your tri’s and lower the weight overhead slowly.
  • As the bar decends, let your wrist curl so your thumbs  faces the ceilling. Lower the bar slowly in controlled manner till it touches your forehead.
  • Now push back the bar explosively to the lockout position.

Finishing move:

After completing my heavy weight triceps skull crusher, i used to perform light weight finishing workout.

For this remove those heavy weights and replace it with light plates usually 10 pounds on each side. Now perform the same as above and you’ll realise why i asked for such low weights. Perform as many reps as you can for performing finishing move skull crusher’s.

Three set’s of these and your tricep’s will be smoked off completly.

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