Why This Selfie Is Being Termed As ‘Most Expensive Selfie’ Ever

A woman caused about $200,000 in damage when she accidently knocked over about 10 pieces of artwork while taking a selfie at the 14th Factory Exhibition in Los Angeles.

Video captured by a surveillance camera clearly showed that the woman attempted to take a selfie with one of those displayed crowns, reports news agency.

When she crouched down for best angle, she suddenly fell towards backward. And knocked one over and then caused a domino effect, as all the art pieces were set very closely to each other.

Most Expensive Selfie Ever

All other pieces in that row were knocked over. Their value is likely to estimated at $20,000 each. A spokeswoman of the 14th Factory confirmed the news on Saturday that three sculptures were permanently destroyed. While many others were partially damaged.

The approximate cost of damage from the clumsy mistake is likely reported to have cost a whopping $200,000 ($258,380).

She said that the damaged artwork could take the artists about 20 to 30 hours to make. And also many artists have careers that span over 20 years.

This isn’t the first time a selfie-taker has ruined valuable art. Back in November of 2016, a tourist in Portugal also destroyed a priceless 18th-century statue of Saint Michael in Lisbon’s National Museum of Ancient Art. In May of same year, a different tourist also ruined a statue from the Rossio train station also in Lisbon.

At the 2015 The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius exhibition held in Taipei. A 12-year-old boy  also accidentally punched a hole though a 350-year-old artwork in Paolo Porpora. After accidently tripping and falling into it. The painting, titled Flowers, was worth that is estimated $1.5 million USD ($1,937,850 AUD).

The 14th Factory Exhibition is bascially a non-profit temporary art project that will run till July 30.

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