Samsung Bixby Voice Feature Launch Date Revealed By Insider

There isn’t any concrete information available on that when Samsung would launch its all-important Bixby AI feature — The Bixby’s Voice. Although the South Korean tech firm likely has started testing the feature in select parts of the world. Still several of the reports have mentioned that Bixby’s Voice still needs refinement.

In the future, the Voice of Bixby — Samsung’s virtual assistant — will now ring forth from refrigerators and smart speakers and who knows what else. No wonder that the company is taking its time with it. For those who really can’t wait, Bixby’s voice interface is available as preview you can access now.

However, Samsung seems to be all set with the particular feature, which was touted as one of the highlights of the Galaxy S8 and also Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The Bixby’s voice assistant is the South Korean smartphone brand’s direct answer to Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri.

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Samsung’s Bixby AI

A user on Reddit, who likely claims to be a Samsung insider, has posted an image on the discussion forum. Showing that somewhat looks like a title of an email being sent officially to company employees. The image shows the launch date of Bibxy’s Voice also along with an invite for a webinar. So that the staffers can be trained before handling any customer support.

“Bixby Voice Launch Tuesday, 7/18” says the mentioned text, clearly giving out the date of rollout. “The much long awaited Bixby Voice launches Tuesday, 7/18. Below are a few tasks we need to complete to ensure that we are retail ready,” says a line below the title.

Samsung Bixby

Last month Samsung opened its doors for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users to pre-test the Bixby Voice. It launched the feature back in May in South Korea. The Bixby Voice feature, has been facing a couple of issues. The feature was initially said to be delayed because Samsung engineers were facing some problems with the English language. Later, it was mentioned that the feature required more data for more optimum performance.

The Good

Samsung’s goal is to create a way in order to speak to a phone that was as effective at getting things done just as using a touchscreen. That’s ambitious, but Samsung has mainly managed to deliver. Sticking to the “open this and do that” format greatly helps, but Bixby is surprisingly good at figuring out that what you’re saying. And piecing together all the steps needed to take the correct action.

Let’s say that I’m bored and want to check out stuff on YouTube — saying that “open YouTube and show me subscriptions” worked like a charm everytime. Even so, you can do a lot — asking it to show your photos you took in New York works, as does cropping one of them with your own voice. Even asking Bixby to download apps like Audible and Pocket Casts worked much perfectly. Bixby’s preferred syntax might be very stricter, but Siri and Google Assistant can’t do that.

And beyond that, I really dig about the idea of hearing about a cool app and also just telling my phone to install it. Rather than pecking at a keyboard and then tapping on a screen to do the same thing. It’s a very great real taste of a voice-controlled future that we’ve been promised for so long.

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