Pacific Rim Uprising First look Details Spotlight the New Jaegers

The first images from Pacific rim uprising have finally arrived, along with details on the new crop of Jaegers that will appear in the upcomming film.

The Kaiju threat isn’t over yet, and now fans have their first official look at the Jaeger’s that will defend the world in Pacific rim Uprising. The Jaeger’s are the powerful mech-like machines that mankind has created to stave off the immensely powerful Kaiju that emerge from the depths.

You can’t have a Pacific Rim without Gipsy Danger, who has now received a few of the upgrades since her star turn in the original film. DeKnight’s movie will in turn introduce several new Jaegers, Kaiju. This time around though there will be a change in pilots, as John Boyega has finally hopped in for the sequel.

Following the great success of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, next spring will see Steven S. DeKnight (DaredevilSpartacus) attempt in order to pick up the story where it left off, with the much awaited sequel.

Pacific rim uprising
Pacific Rim Rising (2017)
(L to R, foreground) CAILEE SPAENY as Amara, JOHN BOYEGA as Jake and SCOTT EASTWOOD as Lambert

John Boyega as Jake, the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker from the first film. They were once was close as brothers, the two were then torn apart when Jake ran away from his training as a pilot and then dove into the criminal underworld. Now, he’ll be back and teaming up with Lambert in the Drift.

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ John Boyega preparing to stomp monsters

Speaking about the new film, Boyega went into some details regarding the Jaeger he and Lambert will be piloting:

“She is still a two-man Jaeger and has new weapons and technology. The new Gipsy now has LCD screens and with holographic imagery of what is going outside. Her gravity sling has also improved. Pilots are no longer locked into robot by feet. It has a scanning system that makes the drift easier to handle. Gipsy Avenger is strongest and hardest to operate.”

Fans will also meet several new Jaeger’s, including Saber Athena (Orange color scheme), who adds some great deadly combat abilities to the mix. “She has two swords that she can join together to slice stuff down. She’s flexible and very fast. She’s the fastest Jaeger, she is agile and assigned two skillful pilots who know how to do martial arts,” Boyega said.

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There’s also the mysterious Bracer Phoenix, who may just be one of the most powerful of the new recruits. “She is a mystery rogue Jaeger, but is really strong and advanced,” Boyega said. “She has guns on the chest. That Jaeger is, in fact, a three-man rig. One is in the cockpit shooting missiles and bullets from the chest.”

Pacific rim uprising
Pacific Rim( Uprisiing 2017)
Jaeger mech Bracer Phoenix

And Uprising won’t just feature bigger and badder Jaegers, as there will be new Kaiju threats as well. Per Boyega:

“The Kaiju have found a new way. They are way more intelligent than we thought they were. The monsters you saw in the first movie were just only the test run, to see how the planet would hold up. The breach we thought was closed is not their only way into our world. Their plans are much more specific. Jake leads the team in trying to build up a new defense against that.”

Thanks to the new images and information, the plot of Uprising. And how Jake will factor into things is much clearer now. This weekend will also see the debut of the Pacific Rim Uprising trailor at New York Comic Con. Once that arrives, we’ll finally then get to see Gipsy Avenger and also the rest of the new Jaegers in action before Pacific Rim hits theaters next year.

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