Meet Andrew Jones, The Bodybuilder Without a Pulse

Think you are obsessed with the battery life of your all devices? AJ “Andrew Jones”  has you beat. Andrew Jones is a bodybuilder who makes all of your excuses invalid.

Andrew Jones, 26, is a professional fitness model and bodybuilder who makes impossible for anyone to come up with an excuse for missing a workout.

He doesn’t have a pulse. He does not have a working heart. And as he say ” i am pretty much the best looking zombie you will ever see.”

“At night, when i am going to bed, i’ll plug my phone in and then i’ll plug myself in” – This inspiring fitness model lives without a working heart – what’s your excuse?

“It kind of felt like my lungs had turned into sponges. Like I was breathing through a sponge.”

That bizarre feeling first happened in 2012. And it would change his life forever. But soon his fatigue and also shortness of breath turned into pain and weakness that left him, at most times, unable to stand up for more than 10 minutes.

Eventually, Andrew suffered heart failure. He was coughing up blood and had to be rushed to the hospital. There, doctors told him that if he didn’t get a heart transplant soon, he could die.


Jones hits the gym religiously, despite the fact that he lives with an artificial heart. But if it weren’t for his batteries and computer, you’d have no idea that he’s different from any other lifter.

Andrew jones, a professional fitness model from Farmington, Connecticut, lives on an artificial heart that is connected to two batteries and a computer that he carries in a bagpack wherever he goes.

Jones was diagnosed with hypertropic cardiomyopathy in 2015, a condition in which heart muscle thickens without any cause, his doctors told him that he’d need a transplant.

In meantime, Jones received a left ventricular assisted device, a mechanical pump which transports blood from the lower heart chamber throughout the body as a healthy heart would do.

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As an aspiring fitness model, Jones did not let his heart condition slow him down. He chronicles his journey on instagram and in fitness instructional videos on his YouTube channel which currently have more than 55,000 subscribers.

Andrew Jones


Jones is one of nearly 120,000 people that is currently on donor waiting list for an organ.

According to UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing), one organ donor can save upto eight lives, yet an average of 22 people die a day because the organ wasn’t available at the time.

“Tomorrow’s not guaranteed for any of us,” Andrew said. “For someone right in my situation, it’s guaranteed a lot less. … Two and a half, three years ago? I probably would’ve taken waking up in the morning for granted.”

Now, he says, he’s grateful for each & every single morning he gets.

Andrew has also started a foundation called Hearts at Large, which raises awareness for organ donation and collects the stories of people whose lives have been saved by it.

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