Google Has Introduced A New Panic Mode In Android, Here’s What It Means

NEW DELHI: Rogue applications are a pain for most of the Android users and Google is trying very hard to protect the users. The search giant has quietly introduced a new ‘panic mode’ for those Android users which will protect them from such apps and malware.

Panic Mode By Search Giant ‘Google’

‘Panic mode’ is being introduced to give guaranteed protection from those rogue applications. The panic mode works in the background and also helps the user from getting out of any malicious app. By just bringing them back on the home screen. The mode usually works when the user taps on the back button regularly without any interval. Android then identifies that action and then overrides the application. And takes the user back to the home screen, where they can further uninstall the app.

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Android phones are also often targeted by hackers who hide spyware and malware in those apps on the Google Play store.

The tech giant didn’t announce the feature publicly, but was randomly spotted by XDA within the Android’s source code. However, the feature is only updated in the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. And the company could also make this a default feature in the upcoming Android versions.

Last month, Google also rolled out a new feature for its Google Photos app. The ‘Archive’ feature enables users to take certain of pictures from their image feed and then move them to a separate section in the app.

All the user needs to do is to select an image and then tap on the three dots option on the top-right section of the main screen. Once done, they’ll get an option to archive that image. Users can find those archived images via the slide-out menu on the left side. However, the archived images will also appear in both albums and search results.

Smartphone users are at much greater risk than ever with hackers executing malicious code left, right and also at centre.

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The only advantage of the ‘Archive’ feature is that the archived images won’t be shown in the image feed.

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