Google CEO Sundar Pichai Gets A Promotion, Joins Parent Company Alphabet’s Board

Sundar Pichai has another job to do: to serve on the board of directors for Alphabet, the parent company for Google. Pichai has long been the CEO of Google ever since the creation of Alphabet in October 2015. A smart move that split out a bunch of somewhat random businesses into many quasi-independent companies usually separate from Google proper.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has recently announced that Sundar Pichai. The CEO of Google, is also now a part of Alphabet’s board of directors. The company made this official announcement on the firm’s website. Along with the recent revelation of a huge jump in quarterly revenue.

Since then, many things have gone well at Google under Pichai’s leadership. While some things at Alphabet have been a little bit more rocky.

Some of those major bumps can be attributed to about the whole idea behind the Alphabet in the first place. Making many businesses like Fiber, X, and also self-driving cars “cleaner and more accountable” (emphasis on the “accountable” part).

Sundar Pichai

“Alphabet Inc. today officialy announced it has appointed Sundar Pichai to its Board of Directors. Mr. Pichai is also the CEO of Google Inc. His recent appointment was effective July 19, 2017,” said the post.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Joining The Alphabet Board Of Directors

That’s a great lot to do, so hopefully sitting on the Alphabet board won’t be much a distraction. The official appointment is probably what Google says it is: a recognition that Pichai has done a very good job as the CEO of Google.

“Sundar has been doing a very great job as Google’s CEO, bascially driving strong growth, partnerships, and some major tremendous product innovation. I really enjoy working with him and I’m very excited that he is joining the Alphabet board,” said Alphabet CEO Larry Page.

On a similar related note, Alphabet reported a 21% jump in recent quarterly revenue, as per Reuters. Google’s parent company is likely said to have made $3.5 billion in net income on sales of $26 billion. Alphabet’s cost of revenue also rose to a hike 28%.

Google, one of the biggest arm of Alphabet Inc. is also set to launch its all new Android Go operating system for many developing countries. The company is also know to be working on bringing ‘Lite’ apps to such regions. This is likely to greatly increase the Android OS share and also boost app usage as well. It is also set to recently launch a couple of ‘Pixel ‘ branded smartphones later this year.

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