Get Muscle-Your Guide To Gain Max Size!

Building serious muscle may seems like purely a physical task that pits you against the iron. The more iron you’ll pump, the more muscle you’ll get. Simple, right ?

Not quite. By putting together the right exercises, right loads, the right sets and reps combinations- You can make sure the weight you lifts is giving you maximum muscle gains. Putting together program for maximum hypertrophy takes time. Plan your exercise framework well before you head to the gym.

And before you start, remember that growing muscles doesn’t occur in vacuum; it must be supported by what you eat, when you eat it, and sometimes, proper use of nutritional supplements.

1.Structure Your Workouts Around Multijoint Exercises:They Recruit More Muscles

Multijoint exercises works more than the single pair of joints in tandem.The more joints in motion the more muscles are activated. More engaged muscles allow for a far heavier loads than are possible with single joints movement.


The backbone of your training should be heavier loaded multijoints movements like squats, deadlifts, benches, Olympic lifts etc.

Use single joints movements like curls, push down, flies, raises, leg curls to build up your underworked areas and make aesthetic improvements to your physique.

2.Train To Failure

Momentary muscle failure refer to a point after which you can’t complete any more reps on your own. Whats important is to remember that scientific reasearch suggest too much training to failure can be counterproductive.

Muscle gain

Take just one of your heaviest set of every exercise to failure (or beyond). But training to failure too often may result in premature burnout and may compromise your skeletal gains.

If you plan a phase with extensive training to failure, do it only occasionally.

3.Limit Rest Periods

The between set rest variable seems to have a little effect on growth. But moderate rest intervals i.e. 60-90 secs between sets have been shown to maximize the hypertrophic response.

To achieve your maximum force production, you need to make your rest times short enough for optimum metabolic stress but long enough for the complete recovery of growth factors like phosphocreatine.

More Tips For Building Muscle

  • Recruit a training partner to spot you, push you to do few more reps, and elevate your training intensity to a level you likely couldn’t achieve on your own.
  • Find a hardcore gym, when you want to gain muscles, nothing beats an inspiring environment.
  • Track your progress. Monitor your workouts by logging your exercises, sets, reps, load in a notebook or use an app to do it for you.
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