Get Pumped Muscles And Conditioning In 45 Min

Build muscles for your arm and shoulders, explosiveness in your legs and athlete grade conditioning everywhere! This routine is a cure for your boring upper body and cardio workouts.

Power And Explosiveness:

The two of my favourite words. This workout will take you through the supersets, dropsets and giant sets to help you build serious muscles and conditioning.

This workout is going to into two directions. In first half you’ll work with presses, flyes, push ups, curls and other staple moves for your back and arms. Then we’ll move onto functional training using series of high energy plyometrics to increase the power and explosiveness in your legs.

Superset 1: Hammer Curl Shoulder Press With Barbell Curls

Biceps Curl

This first compound movement will work your shoulders and biceps. Do them as both standing to help you keeping up your core engaged. Try to keep your back straight and yore core muscles working.

Superset 2: Military Press With Alternating Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell Curls

Just as you don’t like to rock and use your momentum instead of your arms strenghth, don’t try to use your legs to pop the barbell up on your millitary presses. Use only shoulders to push the load up.

Superset 3: Dumbbell Lateral Raise With Standing Concentration Curl

Try to kerp up your legs from swinging during thid superset. Only lift from your shoulders. For the lateral raise use the weiggt with which you can hit 10-15 reps and then lift to failure on each set.

Giant Set: Plate Rear Delt Fly, Incline Push Up, Push Up

You must do lot of reps with these three exercises to keep the intensity very high and burn up those muscles. As you do your flyes, keep your shoulders forward and keep your core engaged.

Also when you do both the incline and floor push ups, focus on engaging your chest and preventing how much you use your arms to push up.

Implement This Workout And Get Those Muscles

This is the demanding whole body workout you can incorporate in your current training program, perhaps on a day you would do shoulders or arms. Its all about high reps and constantly increasing how far, fast and high you can go!

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