Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Leaks Points To Launch Date, May Arrive Next Year

After Apple’s iPhone X, Samsung is now rumoured to bring its own ‘Samsung Galaxy X’ smartphone next year. The highlight of the smartphone is said to be its foldable screen. Samsung’s mysterious ‘Triple Eight’ handset has been quietly popping up in many number of interesting places over the summer months. 

The device recently was spotted in Bluetooth certification listing earlier this year. And now recently is spotted in South Korea’s NRA certification or National Radio Agency, reports Android Guys.

Now that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, both with Infinity Displays have now been released with to many positive reviews. Samsung can now once again focus on the Galaxy X.

Samsung Galaxy X Likely To Arrive In 2018

If the device in question is indeed the foldable Galaxy X, it’s likely it will be launched initially in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, before making its way to all other territories. The Samsung Galaxy X is likely said to come with a model number SM-G888N0 and is being called as ‘Project Valley’.  It is believed by the community to be the serial number of Samsung’s foldable Smartphone’s.

Samsung Galaxy X

While Samsung hasn’t given away any much information about the phone. Slashgear says that mobile division head DJ Koh, president of mobile business at Samsung Electronics seemingly confirmed that a foldable smartphone is coming next year (2018). Whether that is in prototype or final form still remains unclear.

Samsung has demonstrated the display technology required for such a device many times over the last decade. But strong rumours and leaks are starting to build up.

It won’t be the first phone with a curved screen, but it could be the first one that allows the screen to be bent many numbers of times by the user into a smaller clamshell style format. Allowing for a device that fits better in a pocket but still offers the larger screens beloved by many.

The Galaxy X will more than likely to feature an OLED screen. It also have been rumoured to be capable of morphing into a tablet when fully unfolded. Watch Video Below:

Meanwhile, Samsung made its Galaxy Note 8 available for users in India a few days back earlier. The Galaxy Note 8 comes in just one variant and costs Rs 67,900. It is also worth adding that those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 will get wireless charger free and one-time screen replacement guarantee.

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