Gain Muscle Mass In Smaller Time Frame


The fact is -The more muscles are used the more they tend to get stronger and muscle that are used least gets smaller/weaker. The main question is that “what are the best ways to get more muscle mass in smaller time frame?”

Here are some of best ways to get bigger and toned muscles in smaller time frame.

1.Know The No. Of Calories You Need-To Grow Bigger:

Your calorie need depends upon your weight, gender and your lifestyle. For calculating multiply your weight in pounds by 20. For instance if you weigh 130 pounds then 130*20=1200 calories per day.

2.Exercise Big Muscles To Jumpstart Your Muscle-Building Process

As your big muscles like chest, back, leg etc gets used to heavy loads, you may need to shock them by constantly increasing the weight you lift.

For instance if you use 100 pounds on your bench press in first week then add 10 pounds more in next week and additional 10 pounds on following next week.

The additional weight tells your body to grow more muscle fibers to keep up with added weights. Watch yourself to grow bigger and muscular every week.

3.Change Your Exercise Routine

If you are working chest and biceps on monday and back and triceps on Wednesday then make it chest and triceps and then back and biceps.

This put more pressure on common muscle group i.e. biceps and triceps thus forcing your body to grow more muscle fiber.

4.Reverse The Load Progression

Change your way of increasing the load after every set means just do the opposite of it. Lift more weight on your first set then reduce the load on successive 2-3 sets.

By reversing the load progression you can lift more weight at your first set and lesser load on 2 and 3 set.

5.Use Right Muscle Enhancers

There are several items people can take to increase the muscle gain. These include Proteins, Supplements, Creatine, glutamine. During your rest days you can do aerobic exercises like running or walking.


Building muscles will take time also if are doing the right exercises. Even doing everything right, you’ll only gain 5-10 pounds of muscles annually.

If you are doing everything right mentioned above you’ll definitely gain muscles in shortest time possible.

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