Dwayne Johnson’s Rock Hard Workout Plan

To play the son of Zeus-A Demigod in the blockbuster movie “Hercules” Dwayne The Rock-Johnson took his training to a entire whole new level.Many have tried in the past and many have failed.

But after spending most of his life in gym training to be professional football player, World renowned pro wrestler and one of Hollywood’s highest ever grossing movie star-it was nothing to portray the biggest, baddest, meanest and most definitive version of Hercule’s ever seen on the big screen.

Herculean Effort

If there’s one thing life has taught former National champion football player that you only get what you are willing to put in.Thats why he is so dedicated to spending his most of time in gym so that he is at his physical peak when he set onto the movie sets.

When you are an athlete turned actor who has already a physique idolized by millions in the world, you may think it would be easy to rest on your laurels.Not so with the Dwayne Johnson.

“I start working out pretty early, around 4 a.m.,when i am filming.I do cardio and lifting before going to set.I train out six days in a week and even when i am not filming i woke up between 3-5 a.m. just to train.I love working out when the sun is coming up as it allows me to put on my headphones and i am listening to my music and i am 100% focused”.

He says “For me training is my meditation, my hiking, biking, yoga, therapy all rolled out into one”.

Feast For The Gods

“Generally i eat six to seven times a day,” he says.Its about getting enough protein to aid lean muscle growth and every thing is precisely measured depending upon what targets i am going to hit that day.

For Hercule’s- “It was 22 weeks diet full on.i’d eat bunch of egg whites, chicken, fish, oatmeal, broccoli, asparagus, baked potatoes, white rice, salad and crabs.All of this weighed and measured.”

He adds: “It was all about discipline, hard work and balance.I had crabs for every meal so that i have always balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.Then i have glutamine, chondroitin and one protein shake which i drank after my workout.I also have multitude of multivitamins.”

Workout Plan

Remember to perform 3-4 sets with 10-15 reps of each workout.


1.Dumbbell Bench Press

2.Flat Bench Cable Flye

3.Barbell Bench Press

4.Incline Dumbbell Press

5.Barbell Incline Bench Press

6.Cable Crossover


1.Leg Press

2.Barbell Walking Lunge

3.Leg Extensions

4.Smith Machine Calf Raise

5.Barbell Lunge

Wednesday-Arms & Abs

1.Barbell Curl

2.Hammer Curls

3.Spider Curl

4.Triceps Pushdown

5.Dips-Triceps Version

6.Rope Crunch

7.Russian Twist


1.Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

2.Barbell Deadlift

3.Barbell Shrugs

4.One Arm Dumbbell Row

5.Pull ups


1.Dumbbell Shoulder Press

2.Front Dumbbell Raise

3.Side Lateral Raise

4.Standing Millitary Press


1.Barbell Curl

2.Incline Alternate Dumbbells

3.Hammer Curl

4.Concentration Curl


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