Build Explosive Chest With These Great Exercises

Monday is considered as to be universal chest day for all bodybuilders.

There are dozens of exercises and to choose the best of them for muscular chest is little confusing.

Don’t worry we have done that for you.Here are some of the best exercises for building a explosive muscular chest.

1.Barbell Bench Press


The bench press has been among the best exercise for chest since decades.

This Gold standard exercise is one of the purest test of strength in weight training arsenal.

Main area targeted:

Middle pecs


The first thing you need to do is to determine proper hand spacing on the bar.Lie down on the bench and unrack the bar as you normally do straightening your arms.Now lower the bar towards your mid chest and hold your breadth.

Press the bar towards from your mid chest towards above your shoulders.lock your elbows on the top and breathe.

2.Dumbbell Bench Press


Dumbbells work independently on each side of your body as of barbell.Dumbbell also allow a long-range of motion as of barbell.

Do dumbbell press as an alternative for Barbell bench press as both are similar in nature.

Their similar nature also confirmed by EMG(Electromyography) analysis which confirmed no significant difference between Barbell bench press and Flat dumbbell press.

3.Dips For Chest

First, Make sure that you’re doing the dips that concentrates on your pecs.Raise your feet up behind you.

Now, lean forward as far as possible and allow your elbow’s to flare out as you start your dips.Chest dips are great alternative for decline presses.

This exercise makes a great superset with the immediate push ups after each set for greater pump in your chest.

4.Pec Deck Machine


Chest flyes are hard sometimes for new trainees through dumbbells or cables as they need your arms to be locked in bent position for duration of exercise.

Luckily, pec deck flyes simplifies this as it allows you to work in only one pathway.And you can go for greater pumps without having any weights to balance.

Hit the pec deck in last of your chest routine, performing sets until failure.

5.Incline Barbell Bench Press

incline-bench-press Many benches are set at very steep angle,which require more stress on your front delts rather than your chest.

If possible go for less steep incline benches for more stress on your upper pecs than your front delts.

If you are looking for to build that upper shelf of upper chest,we suggest you bringing you grip bit closer may hammer up upper chest fiber more significantly.

For more gains in your upper chest section,try to change your routine by performing incline bench press first and then going towards flat bench press.

The advantage is that being fresh you can lift more weight which also puts greater amount of stress on upper chest fibres thus maximizing the gains.

6.Incline Dumbbell Flye


The incline dumbbell flye isolates the pecs by bringing the arms forward to the front of your body,forcing the arms to handle the load without any assistance.


1.Lie on bench 30-45 degrees inclined with your feet flat on the floor.

2.Hold dumbbells in each hands and raise the arms straight front above chest,with slight bend in your elbows.

3.Slowly lower dumbbells in wide arc down towards your side.

4.Stop when your elbows reach to shoulder level and then again reverse the motion.

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