Build Your Biceps With An Empty Bar

All you need is the ability to withstand the searing pain and an empty bar. Not happy with your Biceps? Drop the heavy load for a while and just do 100 reps of an empty barbell curls. Here’s how to do it.


Most of that struggle with biceps growth really use heavy weight and lot of momentum to curl. Its time to go light weight instead of using heavy weights.

Do This Instead With Empty Bar

At the starting of your workout, just grab an empty barbell and shoot for 100 reps or use some weight if you like and try to complete the 100 reps. Do this twice in a week on non-consecutive days.

Just making it to the 100 rep mark will make your biceps screaming and you’ll feel the gain in your biceps. If you can’t do the 100 reps non-stop the work towards that goal. After completing the reps your biceps will be completely smoaked off.

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