Boost up your Biceps Now

When starting on a muscle-building program, one of the key body parts that many people want to place a large focus on are the biceps. The biceps tend to be a highly noticed muscle group by others, so if you have nicely developed arms, people are going to know you’re on top of your workout game.

Incline bench preacher curl:

Target your guns with sleeve busting exercise for maximum gain.By  maintaining your elbow at one spot, you’ll ensure that your biceps do all the work.

Biceps training



For better gains do this workout with three different grips back to back for 4 minutes to target your bicep’s from every angle.


  1. Overhand grip preacher  curl, for 60 sec.
  2. Hammer grip preacher curl,for 60 sec.
  3. Underhand grip preacher curl,for 60 sec.

While holding the upper arm stationary, curl the dumbbell upward while contracting the biceps as you breathe out. Only the forearms should move. Continue the movement until your biceps are fully contracted and the dumbbell is at shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a second.

Perform this exercise back to back without rest in the order.Thats round 1. Then rest for 1 minute and again repeat the order. Do atleast 3-4 rounds. You’ll definetly feel this tommorow. It’s one of the effective exercise  for boosting up your biceps.

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The Best Shoulder Exercise You are not doing

Neutral grip incline dummbell fly:


Target your front delts or anterior deltoids for better shoulders. To develop your front delts faster  try neutral grip inclined dumbbell fly. Performing the fly at a maximum incline and with a neutral, or “internal,” grip forces your anterior delts into the spotlight and works them through a full range of motion

Focusing on your anterior deltoids, or “front delts,” is a great way to thicken them up and make your T-shirts fit a little better.

Exercising the fly on maximum inclination with neutral grip focuses on front delts and works them with full range of motion. Do atleast 3-4 sets of 15 reps each and you’ll get those massive, big shoulder’s.