Arms Booster- Do Slow Hammer Curls

The fastest way to improve your biceps is to focus on the brachialis – The muscle situated underneath the biceps, during hammer curls. The brachialis contributes to upper arm thickness more than the biceps. Increasing its size is an easy way to build bigger arms,

Build a bigger brachialis by using slow contractions and 20 secs squeeze at the top of each rep during your hammer curls.

The way that most people trains arms leave the brachialis under stimulated. People think that training brachialis is as simple as taking neutral hammer grip. But it is not so. The grip type can have an impact, the type of contraction is important when it comes to putting tension on the brachialis.

The brachialis are a lot more active at slow speed and at the isometric actions. To work the brachialis more effectively, do a low pulley curl with the rope attachment.

Hammer rope curl

How To Perform Set

  • Do the reps using a constant tension. Means going up fairly slowly, and squeezing the muscles at every inch of every rep.
  • imagine to compressing your biceps between your delts and forearms.
  • At the top of contraction, squeeze and hold for upto 2-3 secs at every rep.
  • At the end of set, hold the peak contraction for 10-20 sec and squeezing as hard as you can.

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