Bicep’s SuperSet-The Ascending’s and Descending’s

There are hundreds of high intensity workouts that include Giant sets, Superset, Static hold, Continuous tension, Peak contraction, The 21’s and dozen’s more for experimenting up with your muscles.

Bodybuilder’s are among the unique athlete’s as they are purely concerned with cosmetic improvement rather than athletic performance.

Try these amazing high intensity superset’s workout for most amazing muscle growth you have ever experienced. This muscle blasting technique is famous by many names like breakdowns, ascending- descending sets or the stripping technique.

How To

Superset 1 (The Ascending)


This superset is simple and is the most effective workout if you want to explode up your Biceps into bigger guns. You’ll feel the results immediately after the workout. For this

  • Take a Barbell rod for the Biceps and put the load in small plates such as if you prefer Biceps curls with 10 kg on each side than add weights of 2kg*5 plates=10 kg on each side.
  • Now with the help of your partner performs reps in ascending order i.e 6-10-14-20 by removing 1 plate on both sides of barbell every time and try to perform 6-10-14-20 reps on every decreasing plate.
  • Perform this set order i.e.6-10-14-20 without any interval in between.
  • After completing the set rest for sometime i.e. 30-60 secs and move on to next superset.
  • If you are unable to complete the mentioned rep’s than perform the reps according to your own capacity like 6-9-12-18…. but remember to increase the no. of reps with every decreasing weight.

Superset 2 (The Descending)

After the completion of 1st superset immediately move on to next superset i.e. The descending which is the reverse of what we performed in 1st superset.

In this we increase the load from minimum to maximum in form of small weights with decreasing the no. of reps on every increased weight like 20-16-10-8….


  • Take the barbell rod and put one 2 kg weight plates on both side and then complete maximum reps i.e. 20 or more.
  • Then immediately add one more 2 kg plate on both side and perform 16 reps.
  • Then similarly add on more weights with decreasing order of reps based on your capacity like 20-16-12-8…
  •  Complete these reps 20-16-12-8…in only one set without any interval.
On completing both the Superset’s you’ll see the results of this workout as your biceps will be completely smoked off and pumped up. Give this workout a try in your next workout schedule and you’ll be amazed to se the results how powerfully they’ll crank up the intensity of your workout.
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