This Is Officially the Best Way to Breaking Up With Someone According to Experts

Being dumped sucks but breaking up with someone can be just as uncomfortable, especially if you genuinely care about that how the other person is going to take. Breaking up with someone is never easy. Even if you know it is the right decision and also in best interest of both partners, feelings are still likely to get hurt.

And if you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, you know how stressful approaching to that conversation can be. Often many people who have made peace with their decision still do not know the best way to break off the relationship. Should you end things before dinner? Should you meet up somewhere, and then go your separate ways? What’s the best way to tell her?

According to research from Brigham Young University most people prefer the direct approach when they likely to receive bad news.

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When it came to social relationships, the researchers actually found that people prefer a slight “buffer” right before you rip off the Band-Aid. An immediate ‘I’m breaking up with you’ might be too direct. But all you need is a ‘we need to talk’ buffer—just a couple of seconds for the other person to process that some bad news is coming.

Breaking up with someone

The most important factor when breaking up with someone is honesty. It is important to be honest with your partner and yourself. Explaining all the reasons that you have for ending the relationship and listening to them. Even if you feel sure of your decision, breaking up means having an awkward or difficult conversation. It is also very important not to leave any stones unturned, even if you feel it is nicer to hide certain parts of the truth.

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Talk to them face-to-face, give your reasons and understand theirs. Judt don’t leave them confused. You might be tempted to be nice and say ‘let’s just take a break for now’, but if you know that this is the end then it’s kinder to say that rather than drag things out. Thinking about the other person’s point of view and some feelings can help you be sensitive. Just don’t string someone along by giving them unintentional false hope.

How to act after a break-up can also be difficult to understand. Some may never want to see each other again while some others will rush to be friends – which can also be a lot harder than both partners may originally think.

Relationships Help Us To Learn

Whether you remain in contact with each other will really depend on how each of you evolves after the break-up and where you are towards your journey. At some point you really need to stop all communication in order to move on. An expectation that you will remain friends might not be realistic but don’t feel that you need to cut all contact forever.

Whether they last a long time or a short time, relationships can have special meaning and value.It’s a chance for us to learn to care about another person and to experience being cared about. Each relationship can teach us something about ourselves, another person, and what we want and need in a future partner.

Breaking up
A break-up is an opportunity to learn, too. It’s not easy. But it’s a chance to do your best to respect another person’s feelings. Ending a relationship — as hard as it is — builds our skills when it comes to being honest and kind during difficult conversations.

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