Best Superset Chest Annihilation Workout

If you’re really serious about your upper body, you need this workout in your arsenal. Super-size your chest with these amazing three supersets.

You’ll move more and heavy weight, thrash every muscle fiber, also chase high volume, and then leave the gym with nothing left! The chest is bascially one of the most popular muscle groups in order to train amongst the fitness and bodybuilding community. From the various exercises to the awesome pump, nothing is comparable.

Supersets are bascially a highly underutilised tool which can usually be very powerful for making muscle gains. Essentially, a superset is usually where you perform one exercise immediately after another with no rest.

Here are some of the best chest supersets which you should usually incorporate into your next workout to really get your chest pumped!


In this we’re aiming to pre-fatigue the muscle with usual higher volume on the fly, and then move into a moderately heavy weight bascially on the regular flat bench press.

Chest Superset

But even at precisely high volume, the form is much crucial. Lock this down and then focus on getting a large stretch and then opening up the chest, before starting bringing the hands back together in order to contract in the middle.

For the regular bench press, the focus shifts slightly from usually moving heavy weight upward, in order to controlling it downward.

We want to really focus on the eccentric portion of the motion. This is bascially going to help us put much more trauma on the chest. Also make sure to stop about an inch short of the chest in order to increase tension on the muscle, and then push through smoothly.”


For this just focus on really contracting and also squeezing every last muscle fiber of your chest, on every rep.

Chest superset


Then, take that same pace and then transfer it to the presses. We want to do this in a usual rhythmic fashion, and aiming to pump the muscle up with blood before we bascially move on to a heavier incline press with the regular barbell,”


Heavy weights play a very crucial role in maintaining muscle mass and also muscle density. Sure, you may not usually be able to push the same amount of weight you could if you had started out the workout with the regular incline press, but we promises that you’ll feel it far more.

We started things off with the superset, which greatly pumps the muscle up with more blood. So when we usually move on to the next exercise, with a much heavier weight, it will usually allow us to feel this movement better, even though we’re using a much heavier weight.

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After two pre-exhaust supersets and some major heavy lifting, your chest now should be awake—or maybe even can be screaming. Now’s the time to focus on those movements that emphasize the stretch, and inflict upon maximum muscle damage.

Performing the regular push-ups on handles gives you another opportunity for turning up the stretch. Come up 3/4 of your way, and keep those muscles under tension for the entire time.

Chest workout

The cable fly is as you guessed it is all about the usual stretch and the contraction. Take 1-2 steps forward from the weight stack, and then bend your torso slightly in order to get into the right position. When you usually bring your arms up, just go only to the bottom of your chest. Contract, and then slightly bring them back for the stretch.


There’s nothing fancy here! Just use a regular weight you control, find that stretch on the bottom, and then hit your reps. Bascially singular cue is to bring the elbows together rather than the usual hands or weights, since this enables a much better contraction of the chest.

Three sets of this and then you’re done. Now heal up, because your next chest day is coming again—sooner than you think!

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