Best Biceps Superset-The 21’s

One of the best exercise for adding inche’s to your biceps, Bodybuilder’s all time favourite -The 21’s.

21’s are all about stressing all the muscles from Top to bottom and bottom to top in every possible way.

This exercise includes various ranges of motion during curl to stimulate muscle growth and build strength at hardest part of exercise i.e. the top and the bottom.


For this take a loaded EZ curl bar and perform the reps as stated without a pause:


  1. 7 Bottom half reps
  2. Top half 7 reps
  3. 7 Full reps

For making this more challenging,increase the load after each set.You can also increase the no. of reps from 7 to 8,9,10 depending upon your strength and Gutts.

You can also go for light weight further by performing as many reps as you can in a certain time limit.

Lets say 20 secs and gradually increase the time limit for 5-10 sec after every set.

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