Battery-Free Cellphone Technology Comes Closer To Mass Market

Researchers in United States have unveiled a prototype of much awaited battery-free mobile phone. By using the technology that they hope will soon eventually come to be integrated into mass-market products.

We’ve all been there – your mobile phone suddenly loses power just as you need to make an important call.

But the researchers now have adeveloped a phone without any battery at all.

The no-frills device is bascially constructed from the commercially-available components and can also receive and then transmit voice calls. And than can communicate with a custom-built base station.

The phone is bascially the work of a group of researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle. And it usually works by harvesting very small tiny amounts of power from radio signals, also known as radio frequency or simply ‘RF’ waves.

As we all know ambient RF waves are all around us so, as an example, since your FM station broadcasts radio waves. And your AM stations do that, also your TV stations, and your cellphone towers. They all are usually transmitting RF waves,” said Vamsi Talla, research associate at the University of Washington.


The team engineered the device in order to use far much less power to make calls than regular phones using analogue rather than digital signals.

Make Calls Without Ever Charging  A Battery

Researchers also say’s that there are plans to develop further more prototypes such these, bascially featuring a low-power screen for texting and also included even a basic camera. They are also planning a version of the battery-free phone that bascailly uses a tiny solar cell to provide power.

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Battery free cellphone

The researchers are planning to release product in eight to nine months time, though they would not give any further details. One of the team member however, was prepared to give a glimpse of how their work will greatly impact the future of cellphone technology.

If you usually look at a typical cellphone it actually consumes likely about hundreds of milliwatts of power. While it’s doing voice calls and it’s usually impossible to actually make a device like that to be battery-free.

But for now, users of the phone have to wear headphones. And also have to hold down a button to switch between talking and listening, similarly as walkie-talkie-style.

“In the comming future every smartphone will come with a battery-free mode. Where you can at least make a voice call likely when your battery’s dead.” said Talla.

The initiative is not the only one that is seeking to improve the way that mobile technology is usually powered. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Surrey in Britain, are also developing supercapacitors. Which they believe will eventually allow devices to charge in a period of a few minutes.

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