The Avengers and The Defenders Won’t Get a Crossover- Marvel Universe

The Defenders ( Marvel Universe) have recently assembled to stop an immortal organization from destroying New York – what’s next? Well, obviously standalone series for each of its four main heroes. But what about a whole new crossover with their skyscraper-dwelling counterparts. The Avengers? Everything is connected in the MCU, after all.

This weekend has usually seen the launch of Marvel’s The Defenders, a crossover series for uniting each of the comic giant’s Netflix shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron fist and Luke Cage) set within the same world as the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e. the world of the Avengers, Iron Man).

There’s also have been a lot of fan expectation that their paths will cross in mega team-up Avengers: Infinity War next year (or its sequel in 2018). Especially as it’s positioned so soon after The Defenders usually have first interacted. And also if we’re being rational a rather erroneous assumption.

The early promise of the MCU was bascially that everything was going to come together – in the movies. Phase 1 led to The Avengers, Phase 2 Age of Ultron, and then infinity War is the culmination of the past decade. Indeed, the TV shows’ references to the much bigger cinematic picture. And also Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  a few choice cameos have also given way to simply telling strong individual stories. Daredevil existed mainly in the direct fallout of the Battle of New York. Whereas after two years later The Defenders is predominantly influenced by just the previous seasons.

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At this point, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the two teams come together. Let’s take a look at why.


The whole of the Marvel/Netflix deal is pretty much built mainly on Marvel not wanting to use these characters. When Fox’s options on the Daredevil rights bascially ran out in the early 2010s.


Kevin Feige then tried to broker a deal where they kept the Man Without Fear in exchange mainly for the Galactus and Silver Surfer. These cosmic characters were much more important to where Marvel Studios was heading than a blind lawyer-vigilante. This failed badly and so did Marvel ended up with Daredevil’s rights. Despite there being no further desire to bring him into the MCU.


The  Marvel Studios’ Creative Committee recently was shut down with Feige and Marvel Studios reporting directly to Disney. And also Perlmutter keeping control of all other divisions – comics, merchandise and, of course, TV. It’s hard to call this a bad move – the general regard for Marvel Studio’s output.  And also its addressing some of previously embedded issues has shifted positively (Iron Fist’s failure has no much direct bearing on the film division) – but it has created a big distance.

This meant that all the creative decisions made for movies and TV are entirely independent. With very little synergy in where the two wings of the universe go.

The latest word from Kevin Feige is that there are no further current plans to work with Marvel TV. He’s been able to broker a deal with Sony, yet somewhat more ironically seems reluctant to work with Marvel Entertainment. And the more time passes that stance is only going to get harder to reverse.

It’s usually not unfathomable that MCU may try and work in a secret surprise cameo for the team into Avengers 3 or 4, but a little brief moment and some of few more verbal connections is really all that we can hope for. Better get used to your standalone Defenders.

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