Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Principle’s

4.Prioritize Weakness

If you’ve got big pecs-its normal to show them off. As a result you probably give them a little extra time in gym. But Arnold took the opposite approach.


At time when Arnold realised that his calves had fallen behind the rest of his physique. Rather than hiding the glaring weakness, he famously cut his pants and wore shorts to constantly remind him his weakness. This energised him to redouble his efforts to grow his calves. So one must prioritize his weakness.

5.Gain Knowledge And Use Your Instincts

The best way to build up the idle physique you want is to have knowledge and more knowledge.You must keep experimenting with the exercises and try to find the methods that makes exercise more challenging.Try new ideas and incorporate those you like.

6.Lifting Requires Brain Work,Too

Arnold understood the role of brain and when he trained,Arnold concentrated with 100% focus which allowed him to reach great intensity level.

According to Arnold-“The first step is to believe that becoming massive is possible – in the same way you can command your muscles to lift heavy weights when everything else suggest that you can’t.

Arnold often imagined his biceps as big and peaked as mountain and he used that mental imagery to take his physique to unparalleled heights.

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