Arnold Schwarzenegger Training Principle’s

Arnold -The living Legend of bodybuilding had no interest in being and do training like ordinary man. Massive no. of quotes can be attributed to Arnold Schwarzenegger but none speaks his passion towards bodybuilding like this particular one:”The worst thing i can be is the same as everybody else.”

But to take his physique to heights that no man had ever reached, Arnold had tou be even more extraordinary. Arnold made clear that his formula for success had less to relate to ‘secrets’ but more to do with hard work, sweat and a vision to build muscles and achieve greatness.

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Here we’ll see the Arnold’s training principles for becoming a great bodybuilder in that era were bodybuilding don’t even existed and how he became 7 times Mr. Olympia and his success principles he followed.

1.Train Harder Than Everybody Else

Arnold’s goal was to better than everybody else so he knew that he must train harder than everybody else to be the best. In fact when Arnold trained, all the other members stopped and watched him. Arnold kept on training hard. For Arnold, training less than 100% is a waste of time in the gym.

Lets see the motivational video that shows the starting journery of Arnold into bodybuilding:

2.Use Heavy Weights For Low Reps

Choose the right exercise with right loads. After all a 8 reps set of 365 pound to failure while squating is far better than a set of 40 reps to failure with 135 pound load.


For Arnold, his main concern was feeling the weight. He wanted to make sure that the load corresponded to muscle failure to a particular range.

3.Vary Your Training

Do the same workout for long time and significantly it’s value will fall over a time. Never afraid to experiment up with new exercises. Arnold himself was on a search for new ways to become bigger and better as old ways become stale.


Arnold did his homework for planning training sessions. If he felt that an exercise is no longer producing gains, he’d switch it for the other exercise.

Arnold’s Blueprint to sucess:

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