Arm’s Annihilation-Build Massive Forearm’s

The forearm’s are the example of prime muscle group on which we have to rely on everyday for most of our practical works and workouts.

Building your forearm’s greatly increases your strength of upper arms and your biceps with the exessive load.

Anatomy Of Forearm’s:

The prime movers of forearm’s muscles are flexor and extensor muscles. The forearm’s contains no. Of small as well as lengthy muscles such as flexors-extensors-pronators supinators etc. Each of these work together for complete movement of hand and wrist.

Here are some of the best forearms exercises that you should include in your daily routine at the end of your workout.

Try to do these exercise as long as + very slowly + until failure and you’ll see the results instantly since you’ll not be able to feel your forearms after these hard workouts.

1.Barbell Wrist Curl

images-16 forearm's

This is one of the effective exercise that targets the flexors muscles of your forearm’s. It can be done on machine or using weighted barbell.


  • Sit on a bench or machine
  • Grab the barbell with close grip
  • Using your wrist only curl the barbell upward towards ceilling as high as you can
  • Now lower the barbell very slowly-rolling the barbell on your fingertips.

2.Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl


Reverse Barbell Wrist Curl is similar as that of above but this primarily focuses on your extensor muscles.

Perform it as same stated in Barbell Wrist Curl but the change is that you must hold the barbell from the top with your palms facing downword. Rest process is same.

3.Behind Back Pulley Wrist Curl


This is the best exercise of above all and you’ll also feel it after performing it (My Favourite). This exercise fully fills up your forearms making them bigger and stronger.


  • Grab a pulley with your face facing opposite to the pulley.
  • Now curl your wrist upwards and then lower the pulley very SLOWLY to it’s initial position.
  • Try to do as many reps as you can until your forearm’s are fully filled up.
  • Do at least 3-4 sets.

Remember to mix-up these workouts  for better gains of your forearm’s.

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