Apple Set to Expand Siri, A Different Approach From Amazon’s Alexa

It’s June again, so it’s time for Apple to give the world a better look at what it’s been up to and what we should expect from the iPhone, the Mac, and all everything in between the months to come.


  • Apple is all  set to give Siri new capabilities
  • The new features will be announced at upcomming WWDC next week
  • Virtual assistants are becoming a top priority for leading tech companies

On Monday, Apple will kick off this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference with a popular keynote presentation where, like every year, the company’s top most executives will take the stage to talk about their next big releases.

The difference illustrates a strategic divide between the two tech rivals. Apple is betting that customers will not again use voice commands without an experience similar to speaking with a human. So it is limiting what Siri can do in order to make sure it works quite well.

Currently, Apple’s Siri works with six types of app: ride-hailing and sharing; calling and messaging- photo search; payments; fitness; and auto infotainment systems. At the company’s upcomming annual developer conference next week, it is expected to add to those categories.

Apple siri

Amazon puts no such type restrictions on Alexa, wagering that the voice assistant with the most skills. Its term for apps on its major Echo assistant devices, will gain a loyal following. Even if it sometimes makes some mistakes and takes more effort to use.

The clash of approaches is coming to a head as virtual assistants that respond to voice commands become a top most priority for the leading tech companies, which want to find new ways of engaging their loyal customers and make more money from shopping and online services.

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Path To The Money

Now, an iPhone user can say, “Hey Siri, I’d like a ride to the airport” or “Hey Siri, order me a car,” and Siri will then open up the Uber or Lyft ride service app and start booking a trip.

Apart from some basic home and music functions, Alexa needs some more specific directions, using a very limited set of commands such as “ask” or “tell”. For example, “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride,” will start the process of summoning a car, but “Alexa, order me an Uber” will not. Because Alexa does not make those connection that it should open up the Uber “skill.”

After some setup, Alexa can also order a pizza from Domino’s, while Siri cannot get a pie because food delivery is not – so far – one of those categories of apps that the Apple has opened up to Siri.

The potential of Apple’s original iPhone did not come to light until those thousands of developers started building large no. of apps. McIlwain said he expects Apple to add some new categories at its Worldwide Developers Conference happening next week, but not nearly enough to match the Alexa’s number of skills.

Neither Siri nor Alexa has the clear path to making money. Siri works as an additional tool for controlling major traditional apps. Apple pays the money to owners of those apps. Alexa’s skills are free, and also developers are not paid.

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