The 6 Sexiest Things To Do With Your Hands

Remember when you felt sexually advanced if you’d reached second base? Well, it’s now time to bring your hands back into the bedroom—and not just as a tool for getting your girlfriend off.

“Hands can add so much more creativity to sensuality,” says Marianne Brandon, Ph.D. “Women really like to be teased, and hands are really an important part of that intensity building.”

Ready to bring all the hands on deck? Try these moves to stoke her desire, stat.


Just pretend you’re an artist, drawing every edge and crease of her body with your finger. Know the Rough Sex Move Women Love the Most.

This gets her focusing on sensation. Trace the border of her lips, her soft inner thighs, and the roundness of her breasts— try to hit every inch of her, with a soft, barely-there touch.


Save her nipples and clitories for last moment and even then, approach her hot spots slowly.

Outline her clitoris—don’t touch it directly for a while, That will really intensify the experience.


While someone’s butt cheeks aren’t exactly that erogenous, by grabbing your partner’s ass can be really hot. Depending on the position, if you just grab their ass, you’re pulling them not just more closer to you, but also deeper inside you.


You’re basically telling them that you can’t just get enough. And you need them to be as much close to you as two people can possibly get, physically speaking.

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News flash: Your go-to strokes and your preferred intensity probably won’t work when pleasuring her.


“When men usually masturbate, their touch is fairly rough,” says Lisa Thomas, a certified sex therapist and founder of “If they use that too much pressure on us, it hurts.”

That means by watching her solo sessions mainly can be a key to learning the types of touch that turn her on.


Only about a quarter of those women consistently climax from the intercourse alone.

So why not get your hands in on the action? ​Here’s What Women Really Think About During Masturbation.


In a recent Australian study, 71 percent of all women who had an orgasm during their last encounter said that they combined manual stimulation and intercourse.


Kissing isn’t all about the tongue—it’s also about touch.

By holding her face while you lock the lips shows that you’re fully engaged: “You’re pulling her in and also making her feel safe,” says Thomas. “Using your hands can make the experience much more memorable.”

This is especially much true if you haven’t slept together yet, since women read way more into a kiss rather than you do. If you expertly touch her during a particular make-out session, she’ll likely infer that you’re skilled in the sack.

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When it comes to G-spot stimulation, many guys know one classic technique: Insert a finger inside her vagina, and palm up, and then use a come-hither movement to stimulate her. But what if that doesn’t work?

Don’t just give up your search for her hidden pleasure zone just yet.

The G-spot is not necessarily right in the middle of that front wall [of the vagina].  It might may be a little more to one side or a little lower.

Her advice: Using at least two fingers, massage as much of the region as much you can comfortably reach—and make sure she’s already wet right before you work your way in.

If she’s excited, the area is a little raised and also rough. If she’s not aroused enough, it’s going to be almost very impossible to find.

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