3 Steps To Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms

Even though it may feel like mission impossible, Giving her just one orgasms is cause for celebration. But any woman who can climax once can possibly cross the finish line again—and again.

But only just because she can come twice doesn’t mean she will. Studies likely suggest that only 14 to 40 percent of women have had multiple orgasms in one session. After asking 1,055 women across all of age groups about detailed questions what they like in bed, researchers found that a surprising 47 percent of women was reported experiencing more than one orgasms.

So, you know it can be done—but how do you get her there twice? How do you help her to become one of the lucky ones? Here are the three most popular techniques that women try these tips to boost your chances of doubling (or tripling) her pleasure. Try these tips to boost your chances of doubling (or tripling) her pleasure.


If a certain technique worked once, it may also work again, the study found. Of the women who reported multiple orgasms in the study, bascially about 34 percent of them said that by continuing with the same kind of stimulation felt the best after their first orgasm. That way, when she has her first orgasm, she may still be up for seconds.

The most popular spot? A majority of most women prefer being touched directly on their clitoris, while 45 percent also like being touched alongside, above, or below the clitoris. As for 64 percent of women liked an up and down touch, while 52 percent gave circular movements two thumbs up.

After she climaxes, just give her clitoris a short break—it becomes super sensitive for many women immediately after sex. Some men back off, thinking that her clitoris might be too sensitive after her first orgasm, but that’s not every woman’s experience.

Multiple Orgasms


Some women—roughly 33 percent—like variety. For instance, if she enjoyed a quick and concentrated touch—like small circular movements—during her first orgasm, but wants to go a completely different route after that, you can also try a slower, more gentle approach, like skirting around her clitoris without directly touching it. Spend a minute or two making out and attending to her breasts, butt, and any other favorite non-genital hotspots.

Also allow her to take the lead as well and control the rhythm of things. Give her a chance when you have aroused her enough in order to get into the act. That means it can go the other way, too. If her first orgasms was the result of slow, gentle pressure, she may now prefer a faster touch with more pressure the second time around.

If she comes once, reapply same pressure as if you were mid-way through the build-up to her first orgasms and then see how it plays. She’ll tell if you need to go harder, softer or stop altogether. Just don’t carry on at the same tempo.


After her first climax, her clitoris will then likely become a super sensitive spot and would need some break. That’s your cue for paying attention to some other areas of her body – like her breasts, bum and other non-genital pleasure zones. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear before you make your next big move.

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Keep in mind that you just don’t have to go straight for her clitoris especially if it’s super sensitive right after she orgasms. Instead talk dirty with her and give her sexy compliments so that the tempo of her excitement does not go down for a moment. Now you can stimulate her genitals again, also increasing the pace and pressure slowly until she’s ready for another round.

Also a completely different touch can come from your tongue or a vibrator, too. Trying one of the oral sex moves or upgrading to a sex toys like bullet vibrator can make the encore even more intense for both of you.

Multiple orgasms

Feeling more adventurous? Some women can also climax from nipple stimulation, research finds. Lightly trace circles on her nipples with your fingers or tongue, building pressure as you go, or try sucking on them. 

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