​Here’s What Women Really Think About During Masturbation

You may not be the only one she’s thinking about during the solo sex. 48 percent of women fantasize about a sexual situation with their ex during masturbation, according to a recent survey of 4,500 people done by sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

The women surveyed also said that they fantasize about erotica, a sexual situation involving BDSM and also roleplay during masturbation, too.

The Good News

Good news is, 60 percent of women reported that they their fantasy mainly involves a situation with their current partner. It doesn’t stop there: Here are seven more secrets that are worth knowing.

But what if she’s not even thinking about you? Should you be concerned?


To be fair, nearly 60 percent of guys admitted to fantasizing about their ex during the masturbation.

Masturbation is one of those best things someone can do for his or her sex life. Says, sex and marriage therapist Moushumi Ghose, author of Classic Positions Reinvented.

“When you masturbate, message that you send is that your pleasure is important to you,” says Ghose. “If you want a strong relationship based on honesty and integrity. Then to talk about what turns you on and also how to get you off is a great place to begin.”

If you really want your relationship to grow effectively, mutual masturbation can be a great way to connect. She says: “Sharing this secret side of you can be very powerful”.

Give her the best orgasm that she’s ever experienced with how to pleasure a women: the ultimate sex manual. But no guy actually wants his girlfriend or wife fantasizing about another man in bed—so when do her secrets really become something to worry about?

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What Actually Matters

Fantasizing about an ex is not really a very big problem at all. Our fantasies are the ways in which we mostly workout some of things we experience in our daily lives. So fantasizing about the ex in and of itself is not an issue at all.


Obviously, there’s no way of knowing what she fantasizes about unless you directly ask her. Even then, if there are no problems in between you and her in and outside of the bedroom, just let her do her thing.

What actually matters is that whether your partner expresses interest in her ex outwardly in some other ways—say, constantly communicating with her ex or dropping his name in middle of conversation. If she is overly obsessed with these type of fantasies.

It might also mean that she is no over her ex. If you think that this might be the case, talk to her about it.

But if things are going better, then don’t sweat it. Remember, a majority of women say that their current partner is the one they think about, anyway.

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